eportfolios for academics


For the recent ePortfolios Forum at the University of Canberra, I presented a poster describing first steps in integrating eportfolios into our academic development programs at UNSW. While portfolios have been traditionally used for learning and for professional practice in creative disciplines, there is growing momentum for use of eportfolios to integrate learning across disciplines in a range of educational contexts, including development of graduate capabilities in higher education. Teachers who are not creative practitioners may find it difficult to conceptualise the use of portfolios in learning, so use of eportfolios in their own professional development can support their own development of reflective practice as well as provide a model for their students’ use of eportfolios in learning.
The image shows how eportfolios are currently conceptualised and being implemented in the UNSW Foundations of University Learning and Teaching program. Here’s a link to the full posterA learning portfolios approach to academic development.