Cultivating my digital garden

Jacaranda, Bundeena, photo by me.                     CC licensed

I am an evangelist for online connectivity, personal learning networks, and digital citizenship – ie the ability to ethically and productively manage your online identity and relationships. It seems to me that the reluctance of many university academics/teachers to engage as a professional in the world of social media is a big barrier to them effectively engaging their students in online learning and digital skills. So I do my best to ‘walk the talk’, and model ‘connected’ practice.

In fact, I am an accomplished ‘lurker’, having multiple online accounts in multiple online forums, tools and social media, but having found just a few so far that seem to enrich the way I work, and even then it’s hard to say that they make me more productive – in fact can be a terrible time-suck. I use Facebook minimally, have a couple of WordPress blogs for managing my online portfolio and talking about my research, save useful links to Diigo but forget to share them, and managed a grand total of 5 tweets in Twitter over 3 years. Clearly it’s not enough to dabble in the shallows – it takes time, effort and confidence to dive in and publicly interact to develop not just a presence but a network.

So – I am spending my holiday getting my digital persona in order  – blogs, twitter, diigo … tragic 😉

One of the first tasks is to visit some of the bloggers whose work I have found inspiring and useful in the areas of higher education research, PhD study and learning technologies and follow them more proactively. Some of these I’ve been dipping into for a few years (EduPunk anyone?), others are new and I wonder how I didn’t find them before. You’ll see the list I’ve gleaned in the Blogroll on the right (of the homepage) – and BTW it’s quite annoying that I can’t reorder this list. Here are just a few of the bloggers who inspire me:

For PhD study

For edtech

something new to try out:
Keep Learning – an education technology blogging project by Instructure –

of course some old favourites:
The Conversation
Brain Pickings
Stephen Downes
Abject – Brian Lamb
bavatuesdays – Jim Groom
and whatever happened to: Mike Bogle

The sun is shining outside – and the weeds are growing – back to the real world 😉