Welcome to my research

A diagram overlapping learning, curriculum and tools with Creativity in the centre

Creative curriculum - dimensions, © Belinda Allen

At last I have a use for my long-neglected Bellelettres blog.

I have (foolishly according to some) enrolled to do a PhD, and this will be an outlet for musings, a way of reflecting on my progress, and maybe even an opportunity to hear from others working in the field.

The field is Higher Education, and the topic is The creative graduate: Creative curriculum supported by educational technologies in HE. The research question? Broadly – can creativity be developed as a graduate attribute? how does this apply across different disciplines? and how might current technologies enable and support this?

Well – it’s broad, and the reading I am doing so far seems to be enlarging rather than focusing the scope. I have a way to go.

My reading list? Over the last few months have read, or started on:

  • Csikszentmihalyi – Creativity : Flow and the Psychology of Discovery and Invention (1996), Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience (1990)
  • Bohm – On creativity (2004)
  • Swede – Creativity – A new psychology (1993)
  • Sawyer – Explaining creativity: the Science of Human Innovation (2006)
  • Zull – The Art of Changing the Brain (2002)
  • Doidge – The brain that changes itself (2007)
  • Pink – A Whole New Mind (2005)
  • Jackson (ed) Developing Creativity in Higher Education: An Imaginative Curriculum (2006)
  • Grundy – Curriculum: Product or praxis? (1987)

Am well aware that I’m scratching the surface, and have many more authors still to be sampled, including very seminal works that I have somehow not previously ingested: Dewey, Freire, Sternberg, Eisner, Dimasio … and some leanings to philosophical readings, eg Buber, Dilthey, Lyotard … It’s a relatively new field for me (I’m a visual art practitioner and educational designer/technologist), so I’ve catching up to do.

Methodology – narrative (qualitative) research method via interview, observation and storytelling of teachers involved in (what they believe to be) teaching creatively.

On this day, that’s where it’s at – will try to post every week or two to map out how it all develops.

Greetings to all those higher ed teachers and researchers out there grappling with teaching creativity and teaching creatively!